We offer a menu of pool table services:

Set up

If you have a table that is disassembled, we can come and set it up to a perfect level for the best quality play.


If you need a table broken down and put somewhere or get it ready for movers. We can wrap and package it correctly for storage or moving.

Recover—- Set up and Recover/ Move and Recover

If you would like new felt on your table we can recover your table with Championship Invitational Cloth or a Speed Cloth like Simonis.

Any time you have a table that is disassembled or is being moved, we can recover it at that time while the table is broken down. Like during a setup or a move.

Move— 2 Stage Move

We offer moving services as well. Pool tables, Shuffleboards, Game Tables, Air Hockey’s, or Arcades. We give free mileage within 30 miles of Springfield. After the 30 miles, mileage charges at $2 a mile.

If you are redoing floors or construction around your pool table, we also can come break it down and wait until the jobs are done, then come back on a different day to set the table back up. This is called a 2 stage move.

Please fill out the form below to help us understand your needs and we will contact you to follow up.  You can have full confidence with our experienced technicians.  They are the best and we are fully bonded and insured.

Please call or come by with any further questions / concerns. Thank you.